iExhale Organics was founded with a simple and earnest mission in mind – to offer safe, high-quality CBD supplements to support your health. Our focus is on leveraging nature’s healing power to help you.

Hello there! Welcome to our page!

I am Lanier Pegues! I co-founded iExhale Organics with my fiancé Emily who is very passionate about natural and holistic remedies to improve health. We are a Family owned and operated business based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We buck against the mentality- if you don’t feel well, reach for a pill. When it’s possible to heal your body using natural and alternative strategies there is NO NEED for pillsthat is our ideology!

Emily is a living example; she has managed her anxiety for over a decade with natural solutions like acupuncture, meditation and more recently CBD. She is adept about natural ways to improve her health and stays continually updated on holistic approaches to solve health issues. Her never-ending quest to finding a holistic solution for her anxiety problem led her to CBD.

Impressed by the array of benefits, she decided to give it a try. We experienced first hand what CBD could do to help those with anxiety. Acupuncture and meditation did help her, but introducing CBD was life-changing.

Being a dog lover, Emily introduced CBD to our rescue dogs, Finnegan and Penelope, as well. CBD immediately helped Finnegan with social and separation anxiety and Emily also believes it has helped him with pain in his hips as well because he has the energy of when he was younger. Penelope didn’t respond to CBD immediately, it took her a few weeks before we noticed a big difference in her anxiety as well. Before CBD she would rarely approach men and get scared easily.

Of course, we did not get here that easily, it took us time. Finding a natural CBD product, that is safe and effective was a herculean task. We’ve got to admit that traversing the CBD terrain was confusing, overwhelming and disappointing too! There were plenty of misleading information and even worse most CBD products in the market were unregulated and hardly effective.

When we delved deeper, we were shocked about the opioid prescription and abuse. It was shocking to learn that most of the opioid deaths were unintentional. The most pressing issue is that there is not much done about the looming opioid crisis that is rampaging our nation.

It was heart-breaking to realize that most were not aware of natural and alternate ways to reducing pain. There are better ways to deal with day to day life stresses, pain, mood disorders, inflammation, chronic medical conditions, sleep disorders, and many other stressors/ailments. It pushed us further to do something for the greater good. All those years of researching on CBD, investigation and Emily’s own struggle and experience gave us the push to create our CBD wellness products. A CBD product that is fair priced, natural, organic, potent and offers a full spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids.

We couldn’t imagine doing anything else. There was a constant urge inside to bring this to the limelight. We didn’t want to rush it, we wanted to do it right by partnering with like-minded people with ethical practices. Also, we strive to educate our buyers and bring awareness on claims and overstatements that is rampant in the digital age.

Our products are organically grown, processed and bottled in Kentucky. Our full spectrum CBD oil comes with all the beneficial compounds and no high. You’ll get all the benefits of CBD without the psychoactive high that is our promise to you. Our products come with a 45-day money back guarantee, and a portion of every purchase will be donated to support the opioid crisis and animal rescue here at home.

We hope CBD can become another natural solution for your pets, loved ones, and self. We want to inspire and empower you to live your best lives! Our website is a platform to natural and holistic healing and wellness, not just about CBD and our products.

We believe that Mother Nature can truly heal us! Take the right path to optimal wellness. Come join us along with thousand others who’ve benefited with our full spectrum CBD products.

Cheers to Wellness!

Lanier & Emily